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Go into the community and teach the importance of credit stability, financial literacy, and homeownership for adults and youth!


Networking is Key to Success! Join the committee to help exchange of ideas through networking and membership involvement. Membership chair is responsible for membership recruitment and retention. The chair of this role has a responsibility to the organization to insure the President's annual membership goal is met. There should be a host of activities planned to increase the awareness of the organization along with community involvement.

Coffee w/ the Council

Women's Council Membership and professional development meetings! This committee helps bring valuable information to the membership and community. During this meeting the new member's will be pinned and understand how they can get involved with the organization.

Rayette’s Breakfast

The event is intended to highlight Young African-American Entrepreneurs. During this time, we will spotlight a youth and promote their business to the audience. The highlighted speaker will be a young adult business owner. We have many children who are creating income through YouTube, cooking, making products, writing books and the list goes on and on. This event highlights a Trailblazing Youth during the month of Mother's Day.

Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk is a Fundraising event for the Women's Council. The 1 st Walk the talk was launched under LaCreacia Vault’s (Williams) administration. This event is intended to bring together members and non-members to raise funds for the Women's Council Lily Fonteno Scholarship Luncheon.

Big Brother Houston Edition

Highlight the "Few Great Men" that helps the Women's Council of HBREA achieve their mission through the years. This membership mixer that will highlight and award the past, current, and male sponsors of the year! Established under KeMesha Hall's administration to let them know although the title states, "Women's Council of HBREA" we appreciate them showing up and showing out with us in the schools and outreach events!

Lily Fonteno Scholarship Luncheon

The Women’s Council organized the Lily Fonteno Scholarship and Award Fundraiser in 2001 under in honor of our founding members, Lily Fonteno. The fundraiser was started in conjunction with the Community Credit Outreach Program (CCOP) that was founded in 2001 under past President; Melinda Dightman’s Administration and developed by the past President Shirley Penn, the goal of the CCOP program is to teach financial literacy to middle and high school students. The students attend classes taught by our Women’s Council members and learn the importance of managing their finances through credit, budgeting, savings, investments and real estate. At the end of each school year students who attend a CCOP class can apply for a scholarship generally by an essay of the importance of finances and money management. The Women's Council's goal is to provide children in the low to moderate income High School Seniors funds for higher education. We have learned that sometimes $500 will stop a child from advancing their education due to not having enough funds.


This committee chair is responsible for establishing a list and description of fundraising opportunities for Women’s Council as a 501c3. The chair will be the liaison between the sponsoring organization and Women’s Council. (Painting with a Purpose, Levy Project, Corporate)


This event is designed to give HBREA members an opportunity to assist the Women's Council of HBREA in providing assistance to a needy family during the Holiday Season. The families will be referred by members of both organizations and the selection process will be administered by the Caring-n-Sharing chair.

Silver Santa

Established under the administration of Chandra Ware Silver Santa is an event created to spread Holiday Joy to a selected Senior Living Facility. The Silver Santa chair will act as the liaison between the Senior Facility and Women’s Council. It will be their responsibility to ensure Women’s Council of HREA (dba HBREA) adhere to the rules and regulations of the facility.

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